Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr Zoro, My Love

I wonder why I wanna write again.
Maybe I just wanna share to the people out there on some updates after about a year I broke up with the first man.

This post is not meant for me to moan on my sadness or my frustration for the first man. NO! NOT ANYMORE! NEVER! My sadness, frustration, was long gone since I've met Mr Z.. Let's just call him Mr Zoro. Like one of my colleague call him. Kinda like that name. It suits him well..hehe.. Don't be mad at me baby~ You know I love you sooo much! ^-^

I never felt so alive like I do now. It is all because of Mr Zoro. He's a man full of love. He's a man with unquestioned loyalty. He's a man with dignity, honest and respect. He's very loving, very romantic and very caring. I wanted to admit that I am deeply in love with him now and forever. He's existence is one of the most significant point in my life but yet I've never write about him in any of my post. You wanna know why? Because... since we declared our love on 101010, almost every day we went out dating. I should have written about you long time ago baby.. Sorry~ hik.

I am deeply, madly in love with him but yet there's no words can describe my feelings towards this man. I just pray hard to Allah the Almighty that this man is my final destination. For me to spend the rest of my life with. To share our joy and laughter and sadness. Together, he and I could complete each other~ ^O^

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