Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr Zoro, My Love

I wonder why I wanna write again.
Maybe I just wanna share to the people out there on some updates after about a year I broke up with the first man.

This post is not meant for me to moan on my sadness or my frustration for the first man. NO! NOT ANYMORE! NEVER! My sadness, frustration, was long gone since I've met Mr Z.. Let's just call him Mr Zoro. Like one of my colleague call him. Kinda like that name. It suits him well..hehe.. Don't be mad at me baby~ You know I love you sooo much! ^-^

I never felt so alive like I do now. It is all because of Mr Zoro. He's a man full of love. He's a man with unquestioned loyalty. He's a man with dignity, honest and respect. He's very loving, very romantic and very caring. I wanted to admit that I am deeply in love with him now and forever. He's existence is one of the most significant point in my life but yet I've never write about him in any of my post. You wanna know why? Because... since we declared our love on 101010, almost every day we went out dating. I should have written about you long time ago baby.. Sorry~ hik.

I am deeply, madly in love with him but yet there's no words can describe my feelings towards this man. I just pray hard to Allah the Almighty that this man is my final destination. For me to spend the rest of my life with. To share our joy and laughter and sadness. Together, he and I could complete each other~ ^O^

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Just an Imaginary Sweetheart to a Living Soulmate

From the first day I saw him..
Never cross my mind that one day I will be with him..
Being his very special person, his very special girl..
First impression when I saw him..
'This guy is kind of cute', was my thought..
But he never looked at me..
I was thinking everytime he walked passed me..
And the story of friendship begins..

Days passed us by..
We go out for lunch together..
He helped me out in my work..
He always there for me..
He always talk to me..
But never looked at me straight into my eyes..
Sometimes I felt offended and sad..
Why is he behaving like that..
'Maybe he's taken' was the only thing I could think of that time..

Months passed us by..
My heart was taken by a good friend of mine..
At least I felt happy for a while..
Now that I know there's somebody that I can rely on..
A close friend that I can call my love..
My heart started to build it's shape again..
After it had been shattered into pieces..
When it was torn apart a few months back..
But I don't know..
Something was missing..
I should be happy..
People around me see me happy..
But, is it true?
Am I being honest to myself?
Am I truly happy now?
Am I not faking my feelings now?
Something was wrong..Very very wrong..

At the same time we got closer and closer..
Me and him..
Until one day, he asked me out..
I cannot explain the feelings that I felt..
So happy, so excited..
But I was stuck in between..
Whether to go out with him or the other one..

But when I was with him..
I felt excited and carefree..
I felt genuinely happy..
Felt like the first time I fell in love with the first man..
The first man which I can call my true love once..
In earlier chapter of my life..

Later that night he said..
'Tonight was a fairy tale'..
My heart singing 'Today was a fairy tale' by Taylor Swift over and over again..
I was over the moon..
I knew that I've fallen for this man..
And our Love Story begins..

As we confessed to each other..
I found out a lot about him..
About his feelings towards me from the very start..
About what he had done for me..
About all the things that he did not know how to do it at first..
He learned by himself..
Struggle alone..
Just because he wanted to help me out..
Just because he doesn't want me to feel burden..
He made it all easy for me..
Almost every minute he will whisper to my ear..
'I love you', 'I love you', with a sweet smile..
I can see the sincerity on his face..
I can see honesty..
No one, no man that I met before..
Could make me feel so right and secure..

Our love is getting stronger everyday..
Though I believe that destiny is out of our control..
We can still make it if we really want to..
I can feel that you are the one for me..
I just want to tell you how happy I am with you by my side..
From just an imaginary sweetheart..
Now you have becoming my living soulmate..
You are truly the best thing that's ever been mine..

p.s: I Love You

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Should I Do?

I don't wanna see his picture anymore...
I don't wanna talk about him..
I don't wanna know a damn thing about him..

But how can I do this..
If his friends are all in my facebook friends list?
They do things together..
They go places together..
They take pictures together..
How am I gonna avoid all these??!

What should I do?
Should I block his friends too?
But at the same time his friends are my friends too..
I'm soooo trapped in the middle..

I have stop crying since a month ago..
But when I saw his pictures in facebook..
I can't help it..
Tears running down my cheek..

What should I do now?
Block all of them??
Block all of you??
Then what's left for me?

I want to apologize in advance guys..
If one day I block you guys in facebook..
If that happen, it means that I am no longer able to control myself..
I just want a happy life without having to think of him anymore..
I really really hate him!

Sekiranya kau happen to bace this post, aku nk bgtau kau yang aku sikit pon x heran kau tinggalkan aku.. Aku nk kau tau yg aku sgt bencikan kau.. Aku sgt pandang hina kau sekarang..
Aku xkan maafkan kau smpai bile2 atas ape yg telah kau buat kt aku. I hate you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I've Found a Rainbow After The Rain!

This doesn't necessarily mean that I've found somebody special after my breakup. In fact, people shouldn't interpret that way when they read the title in the first place.

For me, breakup changes my lifestyle. I was transformed into a new person. I do a lot of things that I've never done before. And guess what? I L-O-V-E it!! If back then my life just revolve around him, him and him. Every weekend I hangout with him. When I want to eat out, I will call him. If I wanna go for a vacation, I will go with him. Sooooo boooring right? Might as well hangout with a lot of people instead of going everywhere with somebody that you yourself don't really sure whether he's going to be yours or not. I mean..getting married la.

I was once told him that I really really want to try ice skating. We delayed, delayed and delayed until we broke up. It was sad I could say. But break up doesn't stop me from wanting to do what I've always want to do. So, guess what? I've skate almost every weekend at Sunway Pyramid starting from the last 3 weeks. The first time I skate was with one of my besties, Shidot. Only the two of us. Very funny. I always thought that skate is easy. I just need to apply the concept of roller blade which I'm good at. It turn out to be quite true but ice skate is way too slippery. I was really stubborn and pleeeeease...Don't ask me to hang on to the rails at the side. I don't want! Even when I played it the first time I already make myself skate at the center of the ice. As for the first record, I hugged one handsome guy and unfortunately her girlfriend was beside him at that time. Ahahaha..kacau! I made one superman-fall-style. Nice! My shirt and jeans was wet all over. Nice one!

The second time I went was last week. This time around I was able to convince some of my friends to come along with me. Dayah, Lubai and Asnan were my victims. There were sooooo many people. It was school holiday afterall. My record this time, I fell not because of my skill. It was all because of other people who collided into me. I did TWO superman stunts throughout the day. I think I will remember the second stunt my whole life. I fell down like a superman and the worst part of it was my chin actually touched the floor. Can you imagine it? I was lucky not to kiss the floor with my lips. Ahahaha.. And I was reallly damn ashamed of it. I can still remember and giggle whenever I think about it. This time I really get myself wet there. Really really..Seriously.. Huuu~~ The best part was, whenever I fall, there will be this marshall (or what-so-ever people call them) who came to me and helped me to get up. Ihik~ gedix! It's worth to mention also that I was hugged from behind by a man, then was hugged by another man before he actually fell down but I survived. I didn't fell down together with him. I am sooo proud of myself having the skill in balancing myself! hakhak. We skate from 3pm to 6pm. Later we went to giordano to get myself a new jeans since the one that I wear got really wet and I was not comfortable. I didn't bring extra clothes to change after the game. But whatever happened, it was fun! ^-^

I went there the third time yesterday. Huahua..This time around Ayu, Diy and Era who wanted to try ice skating. So, they asked me to join them also. I was very eager to go since I was mad about ice skating now. It was fun! Having these first timers ; Ayu, Diy and Era. It was really funny to watch them. Hihi.. And cute too! =p. I changed my shoes two times because I was not comfortable with it. My ankle hurts. Only after having change the shoes, I was able to skate. And the game's begin. At first I was with Ayu, Diy and Era. Help them to stabilize themselves first and then I let them to be on their own. It was riuh rendah there because they were bullied by kids.. Arrrghhh.. And then when I go to them, those kids wanted to attack me pulak. I screamed. Don't! Don't! I don't wanna fall down! Haha.. Then the boy chased me. I was able to run away from him. Huhu.. These kids really naughty. I was really feel unsecured throughout the day having these rascals around me. And pity Ayu and Diy, they were dragged by these kids. Uhuk. Ahahaha..All of us played until the time was over. I told Ayu that I've made a new record. Not a single fall for that night. Yes! Then she chased me and hugged me. She tried to make me fall down. I screamed like hell. But at last I was able to free myself from her. I still have my records clean Ayu.. Wekkk~~ =p. We really did have a great time. Playing with girls was so much fun. We make it like the whole place was ours. Screaming, shouting, laughing, giggling.. Haha. Plus towards the last half an hour, there were not many people playing. It was like about ten people only on the ice. So, can you imagine, when we started to scream.. How loud can it be. Cool! I guess people won't believe that we are actually P******* employees. Hehe.

So, guys. Don't hesitate to invite me to join if you wanna play ice skate okay. I am really addicted to it right now. At least I have some activity that I love to do at the moment. To distract myself...

It's worth to mention here also that I've tried wall climbing that I never tried my whole life. But I was sooo into ice skating now and I think I will stick to it for a few more sessions. My next target -> archery, go kart and horse riding. Jom~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life Now As A Single Lady?

Being single is not bad.
Being single is not sad.
Single means simple.
Single means freedom.

If back then, I don't know stuff.
Now I know everything.
If back then, I always lost when driving alone.
Now I am no longer able to get lost while driving.
My weekends was beautiful because there were once the two of us.
But my weekends now are even more meaningful with friends and family.
Maybe back then, I was at lost.
I missed my precious time that supposed to be spent with my friends.
I missed all my chances to get to know more of my guy friends.
I was stupid back then.
So stupid to have to make myself loyal to him,
That I should have known that one day, he will lose his loyalty towards me.
Why in the world I was not the one who started it.
Why in the world that I was so loyal to him.
Wouldn't it be much easier for me if I was the one who betray him?
I won't be feeling this unbearable pain.
If only...

I hate him.
But why in the world, that at times I'm still thinking about him.
I should hate him.
I hate him.
I won't be able to forgive him, forever.

Somebody please tell me
That he's not worth it.
He's not for me.
That I will someday found my true love.
There will be somebody that love me more than he did.
That I would be happy again.
That I would be even happier than before.

My days were filled with work.
My nights were filled with books and novels.
I am once again a nerdy girl that I used to be when in school.
A lonely girl sitting at one side with a book in her hand.
Got drifted away, by the love story that she always read.
But that's not what she's getting in reality.
Pity her, pity me.

But it's okay.
I think I'll get through this.
I'll make sure he regret all those that he did.
I'll live a happy life.
Hundred times happier when he's not here.

Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Dump your Girlfriend in Phases? Learn the Tips & Tricks

This is very cool information for those men that want to move on with their new girlfriend if I could say so. aha. I've experienced this before, in fact it happened to me yesterday. So, where should I start??

20 April 2010, 9pm: He organized a birthday party for me. It's my 23rd birthday on 21 April! Yeay! Yeay! We did the party in Bugis Street, Ampang and I was genuinely happy and excited since there were about 20 people who came. I was really glad that at least after we got ourselves employed, my friends still managed to come to celebrate my bithday. Eat2, photo2, pay the bills, & everybody went back. There were only the two of us left. Me & him.

21 April 2010, 12am: We went to a park nearby his house. I was thinking.. he wanted to have privacy with me, and to present me with surprises which he used to do. We sat there. And the talking starts. Sharp at 12am 21 April 2010, he asked me to be his friend. According to him he don't see our future of getting married and living together just because of the marriage policy that both of us bonded with. WTH! I was confused, I felt nothing, I was hurt, I felt like there's a knife cutting my heart into two. I begged him to take his words, his decision back. We can talk things through. I definitely will sacrifice my job for him. He won't listen. I cried. Cried hard. Why did he choose to say this on my birthday? Didn't he think it over? He killed me on the day I was born. Yes he did. I will definitely won't be able to celebrate my birthday in coming years. Arrrghh!!! When I asked him. Don't you feel sad? Why don't you cry? He said..he's been thinking about this about 2 months ago. I trusted what he said. He drove me back to my house. I can't sleep the whole night. At first I was hopeless. But when I think back..deep.. I felt that I wanna make things right. I can fix this!

21 April 2010, 8am: Thank God I was on Annual Leave on 21 & 22 April. I was very worried. My love story is at stake! I can't stay put. I must do something. I called his mum. Asked her permission to come to his house and talk things over. Maybe I can get something from his mom. I must back track what had been in his mind for the past two months. Maybe I could get some hints from his mom. That was very positive of me! We talked. For about 2 hours. At least I learn something.

21 April 2010, 2pm: How can I make him happy? That was the only thing that I think for the whole day. Maybe these 5 years I take too much from him but not giving him enough. You know in relationship, we must have this 'give and take' mechanism. Aha. Then the idea comes. Why don't I start by buying him things? Gonna get him a new pouch bag since his pouch bag koyak already. I'll buy a 'Love You' card so that I could write down about my feelings towards him. It's my birthday, I get nothing from him but instead I wanted to give him a present. I'll put this on his car. He always park his car at LRT station.

21 April 2010, 5pm: Where is his car? I cannot find it! It's okay. I just pulled over to the side and waited there. Suddenly I saw his car. Quite fast heading not towards his house, where did he wanna go ya? I just followed him from behind. At one of the traffic light, I pulled at the side and my car was exactly beside his. I was shocked to death seeing there's a lady beside him. A free hair lady. Then it all strikes me. That answers everything. Everything. Funny me. Funny situation.

21 April 2010, 8pm: We talked. We had dinner together. I asked him for a second chance. He said he cannot stand my perangai. It's okay. I am willing to change..for him. He won't listen. He was firm on staying to be friends with me. Okay2. I'll try to be his friend first. Maybe I'll show him that I can change. We talked, just like friends. He said he and that lady are just friends. He convinced me that. The most sad things here is I believed every single thing he said. Because he is the most sincere, truthful man I've ever met.

22 April 2010, 6.30am: Called him. Begged him to take Annual Leave today. I wanted to take him to Port Dickson. Maybe he can have a clear mind there. We both will feel calm. We can always talk things over there. Having the positive mindset again.Hmm.. He agreed. I went to his house and fetched him. We spent for about 3 hours there. But nothing much achieved. He was really firm with his decision. I felt hopeless and believe that there's nothing much I could do. So, I started to text all of my friends saying that I'm once again single!. But I didn't say we break up. Never did I say that word- b.r.e.a.k.u.p.

6 May 2010, 9pm: 6 May is our anniversary. I was thinking probably this is just his act. He wanted to make this anniversary more bermakna and we'll remember this forever! I fantasized too much. I came to the park where he dumped me on my birthday. Waited there.. 9pm, 10pm, 11pm. He didn't show up. I don't know how much tears I've wasted for him, for that night. I was hopeless. At 11pm I gave up and drove back home.

8 May 2010, 3.30pm: He sms me that morning. And I felt like normal. I called him and we talked. Getting to talk with him again like we used to do. I felt happy. Then I asked him to follow me to do some shopping. He said he's not ready to see me yet. Hmm.. Set aside his unreadiness to see me, I felt energized and put on my positive mindset hat. Okay. Whatever it is, I will definitely wait for him at the park where he dumped me that night. Waited there 3.30pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm. He didn't show up pun. I was very very very upset and cried so much during that 3 hours. At 6.30pm I had to take my own decision. He had given me this unbearable pain. I have to decide. If not, I keep waiting him like crazy every day. So, I sms him. With this, I officially letting you go. I promised you I will not sms, nor call you anymore. I will not see you again. Don't worry. I promised you these. He replied. Funny. He replied "Drive elok2 jam ni..". He made it like there were no serious decision I made two seconds ago. I drove back. Tears running down my cheek. God knows how hurt I was.

16 May 2010, 8am: He sms me. He said he wanna see me. We have to talk things over. We have to make decision. I consulted with my friends. They said it was Sunday. If the decision we both made don't benefit me, I will be crazy and I will not be able to go to work tomorrow morning. There was no ample time for me to recover from the sadness. Following my friends' advice, I replied him, "I am not ready. And there's no enough time".

28 May 2010, 12pm: I unblocked him from gtalk. His status message changed to "Saya nampak die online". Then I changed my status to "Awak nampak siapa online?". Then we chat. I asked to meet him today. To talk things over. He said okay. It's gonna be tonight. I had dinner at Wangsa Walk that night with my friends. I asked him to come over and fetch me at Wangsa Walk. He came. First time I saw him for how many weeks. He didn't see me at first. He called. I picked up. We talked while I quietly approached him and slipped my hands on his. I really missed holding his hands. It has been a while since I get to touch him. He smiled. We headed towards one of the shop to get some drinks. We sat down and the talking started. Since you have triggered the idea of breaking up with me, he accused me that. You told the whole world that you are now single. So now I want to make it official. I mean, our break up. My heart sank. While talking, his phone rang. Quite a few times. But then he didn't pick up. I took his phone and I saw who's calling. There was zZz and the picture of him together with the girl. I asked, how serious are you both now? He said, they were just friends. That's all. We stayed at the kopitiam until it closed. We continued our talking in his car. He became more and more difficult and harsh. He asked me to let him go. I asked him, please help me, please make me hate you. Then here goes the answer from him. "I've declared my love with that girl. We are couple now since 16 May 2010". WTH! WTF! I can't stand the pain. The pain in my chest. I wanna run. But where to? I cried. I cried so much and I started to accuse him for everything. I said he's really into that girl from the very start. The marriage policy that he mentioned at first when he asked me to be his friend was just a reason for him to be with that betina sundal. It's clear now. He said, he don't know how busuk his name's gonna be tomorrow since I now know his status with that betina. Now only I can read his perfect plan to dump me without having his good name scratched. He is using this to point it all back to me. It's funny but quite a perfect plan by having these 2 phases.

Phase 1: Asked me to be his friend on my birthday. He knows my nature. He knows that I will overreact. When I overreact, I will definitely make things worse. Plus, that is my talent. To make things worse. When things get worse and it is all because of me, this is the perfect chance for making reason to go to phase two.

Phase 2 : He asked for an official break up from me. He stated that he was not at fault. He was asking for being friends with me not break up! I'm the one who overreacted and make things worse. I'm the one who texted everybody and said that I am now single. According to him every decisions he made is all because of me. I'm the one who initiated every thing. There's the pointing finger. Yeah! Point the fingers at me. Blame it on me! God knows those were all your reasons. Org bodoh and buta pun boleh analyze la your hidden agenda tu. Jumping from one reason to another reason. As penamat, he grabbed my hand very tight. It was painful. I cried. Because of the pain on my hand. These words that I won't be able to forget, he yelled at me,

"Berambus ko!Aku ckp ngn ko, ko x faham2.Aku nak balek.Aku mls nk ckp ngn pompuan mcm ni"

I will remember this jantan sial. Selagi hayat dikandung badan, I will hold grudges towards you.

Selamat pengantin baru & semoga berbahagia lah jantan sial and betina sundal.

His reasons.....
Reason 1: Marriage Policy -> Reason 2: Since I dah kecoh kate kt sume org we both dah break up

The memories.....
21 April: He dumped me
6 May: Our anniversary
16 May: His anniversary with betina sundal

For all ladies who have been dumped and treated badly by your previous men : I pray for you so that you'll get a better men in the future

For all men out there : You better watch out. Don't ever play with girls' heart, because what goes round comes around.

Love Story Full Stop.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Will Forever Remember 27 Feb 2010 |Tips for People Who Just Join the Workforce|

--27 February 2010, QHSE Games Carnival, QHSE Appreciation Dinner--

Mission Impossible:
1.Wello News
2. Assistant Head of QHSE Games Carnival
3. Marshall for Game: Perah Keju
4. Pendant Making Team
5. Emcee for QHSE Appreciation Dinner

Akan ku ingat smpai bile2 tanggal 27 February 2010 ini..

I was in INSTEP from 21 until 25 February 2010. It was my fault also back then. I was not ready with the preparation of QHSE Games Carnival, but still I need to settle my work in INSTEP. And it was my fault also for being very nice to all people and accept all responsibilities and work given to me. There were so many things in my plate. I shouldn't take it all in the first place. Haih..What to do~ Try to be visible as this is the platform where I can shine and enlarge my social network..Hahaha

25th Feb, 3pm: Started my journey from INSTEP, Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu to KL. Arrived at my house in Batang Kali, Selangor at 10pm.

26th Feb, 8am: Started my journey from Batang Kali, Selangor to Pandan Indah to hangout with my cyg. Nyet Nyet Nyet Nyet. Makan2, jalan2. Ops! 1pm daa.. I had to go. I told my bos I will be in the office at 2pm today~ Even though that day cuti Maulidur Rasul. Chet! Cuti2 pn kene keje.

26th Feb, 2pm: Wello News, Wello News, Wello News. Working like hell to complete my newsletter. "No matter how, I want this February issue to be distributed during QHSE Appreciation Dinner!" My bos said to me.. +_+.

26th Feb, 5pm: "Come2. Emcee Rehearsal!" I got a message from Dinner organizer to go to Dining Hall to have the rehearsal. Aiyak! My Wello News! Aiyak rehearsal plak! Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong~ I ran to and fro from dining hall to office smpai 10times or lebih just to test my newsletter printing. In the meantime on and off for the rehearsal. I haven't finish up with my Wello News, another call from my friend came. "Come2 Pendant Making Team. We need to prepare this pendant for PERMATA's GM to give to INSTEP's GM during the dinner". Waddaheck!! Wello News not complete yet! My Emcee rehearsal is still goin on! Now comes Pendant Making Activity! Ya Allah~ Can I just split myself into 3 pieces right now??! Just to make things worse, we haven't come out with any agenda for QHSE Games Carnival that will be run tomorrow morning. AAAAaaa!!! I was very stressed. I cried. I cried alone in the office where nobody saw me. I was really stressed with all burden that I have. I'm sooo tired n hungry. But can't afford to have a single minute to eat and stuck in the office alone. I cried while doing and printing the agenda. I kept telling myself to be professional even when I cried. I can cry, but I cannot stop from doing my work. Be professional even when you are crying. Just being fair to myself. Layan my feelings at the moment and also deliver my responsiblity. Two in one. Very funny.

26 Feb, 11pm: Sat down with my bos. Both of us karang2 ayat lagi for my Wello News. Gosh! X abes2 lg this Wello News. Was working on Wello News until 1am...

27 Feb, 12am: Me and my housemate were already in the room. We got a room in PERMATA since we are the woking committee. Was ready to reward myself with a good nite sleep. My housemate's phone rang. She offered OUR room to one of our friend. He just got here in PERMATA and just realized there was no room for him. We felt pity for him. (But actually I pity myself more. I just have my lunch. N nothing more! Throughout the day. They've taken my meals. And now they wanted to take my sleep! Arrrgghhhh!) We got out from our room and rushed to my bos' house which is nsb baik lah she's living in staff quarters jer... Huu. I need to sleep.

27 Feb, 1am: "Hey! You haven't do your Emcee script. What are going to say on the stage tomorrow?". My housemate said to me. Aihhhh.. Do do do..the script with the help of my housemate, Kak Anis. +_+. Only manage to finish it by 3am in the morning. Thanks kakak~

27 Feb, 7am: Rushed to LFRMS to test print again my Wello News. Everything's ready now I think. Suddenly got some problem with the printer! waaaaa~~~ Let it be dlu. Print la mcm mane pon. I need to give one of this sample to Kak Dot to vet.

27 Feb, 8am: Rushed to Sports Complex to attend to QHSE Games Carnival. There was no preparation! I mean we have not prepared any balloons for game 'baling belon',in fact that game supposed to be the first one. And it was the game for management staff...Waaaaa~~! Think fast! Shera Think Fast!
Ting!~ Idea came! I told my Head to rescheduled the games according to which games that ready. I will be the runner to oversee which games ready to run. In the meantime there were people assigned to find the balloons. here run there. My tummy hurts. Haven't take my breakfast yet. Oh my God. Just pray to Allah to lend me some strength.

27 Feb, 10am: Bancuh my keju in pails. Ingredients: Tepung jagung+pewarna+air. Was wondering why the keju x likat. Then my friend said. What tepung u use? Said tepung jagung. Then my theories came out suddenly. Shouldn't we use tepung pulut to do kuih koci, kuih buah melaka..kuih yg likat2 sume tu? hoho.. Without hesitation we rushed to nearest kedai runcit to buy 10 packets of tepung pulut. Head back to PERMATA.

27 Feb, 12pm: Perah Keju Game was okay la roughly. Then I hunt for Kak Dot to vet my Wello News. I was able to get her. But according to her, she couldn't concentrate that time. It was bising. People were playing NetBy (Netball rules but using Rugby ball). People were cheering. Both of us plak duduk tepi tgk kertas. hahaha. Funny. She was able to vet only half of my Wello News and insisted me not to put her name in the list of editor. Then I asked my colleague to vet it for me. Done!

27 Feb, 1pm: Got my lunch! Yeah at last! Alhamdullillah. Need to settle all printing. But wait a minute. There were some amendments and another colleague of mine wanted to vet it again. Okay, go ahead. Discussed with my emcee partner regarding our script. There were some amendments also. Okay la. I'll do it. I went to E-Learning room to make the changes to the softcopy then print it out.

27 Feb, 5pm: Finished Wello News vetting. Okay now print! Waaa!! Printer problem! Go to another building. Dpt la inkjet printer. So lembab! I count the time it takes to finish printing 120 copies of Wello News. 3 hours lebih! what! We don't have 3 hours. Thank God there was a very helpful technical assistant, En. Md Noor who was willing to help us hingga ke titisan terakhir. Huhu. He adjusted the laser printer yg ade prob td. Thank God. We were able to print 120 copies in 15 minutes. Hee

27 Feb, 7pm: Showed my bos the printed Wello News. "This is wrong!!!" WARGHHHHHH!! TENSION BETOL! There was a small part with outdated info. I termenung for a moment. The clock showed 7pm. The dinner will start at 8pm. I haven't iron my dress. I haven't take my bath yet. Busuk daa..My tummy hurts. Lapar. I was lucky to have a friend who was willing to help me during that time. Dee was the one who supported me. I was very weak when we went back to the office again to correct the small column and to print it on a sticker paper. My perut masuk angin. I was feeling dizzy. I couldn't do anything when we reached office. Thank God there was Dee to help me. She asked me to sit and relax. She did all the printing and she said she'll paste the printed sticker to all our Wello News. I felt terharu...Thanks Dee.. I really owe you a luxurious lunch or dinner just to repay you.

27 Feb, 7.30pm: I was hopeless, lemah longlai walked towards my room. I busuk! Not comfortable, I wasn't ready to be the emcee, was hungry, was pale..... When I entered the room I found out that my dress for the night was ready. My friend helped me to iron them. How I felt really grateful to this friend. There was still hope for me to get ready on time. Thank you so much Yani for helping me!! I really owe you, together with Dee. How grateful I was to have both of you helping me throughout the horrible day!

27 Feb, 8pm: I was ready for the dinner. Wello News?? Dee and Yani said leave the Wello News to them. They'll settle it for me. Thanks guys~ I was quite nervous to be the prize giving ceremony emcee for the night. There were hiccups here and there during the ceremony but still it was good since I had been handling so many things in one day. In the end I didn't feel anything. I felt nothing and I felt mcm patung bernyawa. I just can't handle the tiredness, the hunger for food that I felt for two days. I just felt nothing. HAHA.

There it goes. Two horrible days. I've learnt my lesson. I would not simply say yes after this when people ask me to do things. I will think deeply before I take certain responsibilities. And the definite thing is, I will remember the date: 27 February 2010 for as long as I live in this world.